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  • What should I wear to my appointment?

Loose breathable & comfortable clothing, something that gives easy access to the area being tattooed.

  • What should I bring?

For a full day session, we recommend bring water, and something to eat like a sandwich or protein bar to keep you energy levels maintained. If you are prone to fainting a gatorade or some candy to regulate your sugar levels.

  • Is tipping customary?

Tipping is customary- tattooing is like any other service (ex. hair cuts, salon appointments) Therefore the amount it is up to the discretion of the customer and is greatly appreciated by the artist.

  • Should I do anything to prepare?

Please make sure the area is washed and clean prior to arriving. If the area you are tattooing has hair we ask you buzz/shave right beforehand. 


  • What should I avoid before the tattoo?

We recommend to avoid alcohol/ibuprofen/blood thinners the day before/day of  to avoid excessive bleeding.

  • Does it hurt more depending on the area?

The pain tolerance varies more depending on the person rather than the placement of the tattoo.

  • Can I bring someone with me to my appointment?

We do ask that you bring no more than 1 person with you to your appointment. There is minimal seating in the front of the shop. Please remember a full day session can take up to 7 hours, with minimal breaks- please make sure your company is aware of this.

  • How can I get an idea for a tattoo?

If you are looking for inspiration we recommend looking at Pinterest!

  • How do I take care of my tattoo?

You can find everything you need below.

Black Fabric
Black Fabric

Aftercare Day 1-5 
The Healing Process

You will leave the tattoo shop with your new tattoo covered with plastic wrap. Take this off after 3 hours with clean hands and proceed with the following after car.

 You will not plastic wrap/cover the tattoo again after this.


Aftercare Day 1-5...

You will do this directly after removing the plastic and 2x per day for the first 5 days.

  • - Wash your tattoo with unscented, alcohol free soap. We recommend Dial or Dr Bronner's.

  • - Gently pat the tattoo dry with a CLEAN cloth.

  • - Apply a dime sized amount of tattoo ointment and gently massage it into the tattoo, working it in well. We recommend Aquaphor.


Make sure not to oversaturate the tattoo! This will only pull the ink of the tattoo.


The Healing Process...

  • -  It is normal for the tattoo to scab, peel, flake. DO NOT PICK AT THE TATTOO!

  • -  Cover your tattoo with loose fitting cotton clothing. Making sure to let it breathe when possible.

  • -  Make sure to keep your tattoo out of the sun. Do not use sunscreen on the tattoo the first week!

  • -  We recommend not going in places that tend to be dusty, sandy, or carry bacteria. Therefore it is best to avoid working out in a gym for the first week.

  • -  If you work in an environment like a barbershop with hair falling or construction where it is dusty- don't stress.. clean the tattoo and put loose fitting cotton clothing to protect it from any hair/dirt/dust particles. Afterwards, wash and proceed with regular aftercare. DO NOT COVER WITH PLASTIC WRAP UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!

After Day 5
Maintaining Your Tattoo

After Day 5...

  • After the 5th day you will switch from Aquaphor to an unscented lotion for the next week. We recommend Lubriderm.

  • You can return to normal gym activity, making sure not lean it against dirty surfaces. Wash it directly after -Remember your tattoo is still in its healing process.
  • It is recommended to continue to keep your tattoo out of the sun for the next week if possible. STILL NO SUNSCREEN.
  • You may still see flaking or scabbing this is normal especially in bigger tattoos due to the skin irritation from long sessions. Just be patient and trust the healing process.

Maintaining your Tattoo...

  • REMEMBER The way a tattoo heals depends on you! The healing process is JUST as important as the tattoo session itself. The artist gave you all the tools for a beautiful tattoo make sure to carefully follow the aftercare for optimal results!

  • Now that your tattoo is completely healed the best thing you can do for the life of your tattoo is to avoid sun or apply sunscreen while outdoors!

  • Congrats you made it through the healing process! Enjoy your new tattoo and start planning the next one!

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